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About Us

Doctor Led Clinic


Grace is our founder and began her aesthetics career in 2019 after working for Bournemouth and Christchurch hospital pathology department.

Grace trained at Harley Street academy and then went on to her advanced training.

Grace also trained with one of the world-renowned and the best in Los Angeles, Aesthetic Master: Dr. Kay

Grace has a passion and an eye for detail which allows her to deliver a service and enhance the natural beauty of each patient. Grace finds nothing more rewarding than achieving great results and giving back confidence and vibrancy to her patients.

Grace is very approachable and friendly and will always stir her patients to aim for natural results.



Dr. Laura Frost earned her Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine with distinction and is now part our team, dedicated to guiding you on an amazing journey to rediscover  your rejuvenated self! She specializes in enhancing all aspects of your facial rejuvenation, ensuring you achieve the youthful appearance you deserve.

Dr. Frost utilizes scientifically proven methods to stimulate your natural collagen production using Sculptra and Radiesse products. She redefine your jawline, restore lost lip volume with FDA- approved fillers and Botox, and offer personalized advice on restoring your skins’s radiance with carefully selected ingredients tailored to your skin type.

Above all, Dr. Frost values listening to your needs and desires, and will collaborate with you every step of the way to provide a safe, natural, and long-term maintenance plan for your refreshed look. Her philosophy of  gradual enhancements through a meticulously planned treatment regimen will make your journey comfortable and rewarding.

Book a consultation today and discover personalized treatments tailored to enhance your natural allure.

Contact at info@ascotmedicalaesthetics or dial 01344584217. Alternatively pop us a DM to start.


About Dr Parwaiz

Dr Parwaiz has over 10 years medical experience in the NHS as a surgeon.

Her focus is on delivering naturally looking results and giving her clients confidence in their own skin.

She believes in a holistic approach to aesthetics starting with good skincare where she can offer medical grade skin care recommendations where necessary.

She is an advanced aesthetics practitioner which means she is competent to perform advanced procedures and combine them to offer full facial rejuvenation packages. 

She believes in integrity and will never offer a procedure she doesn’t feel is in the best interest of her patients. 

Her background in surgery makes her well suited to the job with an excellent knowledge of anatomy, familiarity of processes around sterility and a grasp of the fine technical skills needed to perform the various procedures. 

She is competent to deal with any potential complications in the rare occasions they should arise.

She has attended multiple courses and conferences to make sure her practice is up to date and of the highest standard.

She is an aesthetic trainer for a world class training academy Derma Medical.


About Dr Mariana Dumitriu

My name is Dr Mariana Dumitriu and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. Having graduated an internationally recognised medical university, I have been working as a general practitioner with special interest in aesthetics and disability medicine since 1999. I have trained further in aesthetics in Harley Street, London in 2015 and updated my practice in Las Vegas, USA in 2016. Since then I have practised in Dorset and enhanced my knowledge my completing in depth aesthetic training. I love enhancing natural features with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid and making you feel and look beautiful and special.

Furthermore, my interest in disability medicine made me research the roles of nutrition, vitamins and supplements in a healthy lifestyle, so I have been offering private medical examinations with blood tests and multivitamin intramuscular injections since 2017. I can advise on how you can improve your energy levels and mood.



Tammy Luong is trained and specialized in Microblading, Permanent Makeup (PMU) and Eyelash Extensions. Tammy has trained with various top Trainers from the U.K, Europe and Vietnam such as: PhiAcademy (Europe), PureBeau UK and American tattoo artists

Tammy is certified as: Highfield Level 3 in Education and Training (RQF) VTCT Assessor VTCT Level 4 Course in Microblading Accredited VTCT Level 4 in Micropigmentation Accredited VTCT Level 3 Beauty Accredited PlasmaPen Master Trainer.
Level 4 Microblading and Micropigmentation Accreditation.

*International Tattoo PMU Judge In EUROPEAN  2022
*International Tattoo Judge in Italy  2022
*London championship Tattoo Judge  2022

54 awards in total for PMU: Lips & Eyebrow tattooing internationally

International Awards *Brilliant cup Online in Turkey’s Antalya 21/6/2021 . 1st place Master LIP IN THE TECHNIQUE “Lipstick Stain “


Marva has been formulating for over a decade, Marva’s increasing focus has been holistic formulation along with lecturing and supporting training courses around the UK, in regards to pre-operative and post-operative skincare solutions for patients and specializing in products for people who have traumatized skin (eczema, burns and those going through Chemo and Radio Therapy) and training Doctors, Cosmetic Surgeons and Medical Practitioners, as well as specialising in self-care and wellbeing products for specific issues and women’s concerns with the support of recognised holistic experts in the fields of eastern and western medicinal practice.

Pioneering and specializing in botanical solutions which deliver what they promise to do, with formulations that penetrate rapidly Marva’s mission has been one of simplifying and raising the efficacy of the products she formulates.

Shhh… is the next chapter on her journey, she is passionate about supporting women during their menopause journey, with counseling and formulating products that help women find their natural equilibrium.

Harley Street Midlife Clinc:

Regardless of your current menopausal or peri-menopausal stage, our team of seasoned menopause professionals is ready to attentively listen, provide guidance, and offer assistance.

Are you currently facing any of the following issues:
Weight gain
Brain fog / Impaired memory or focus
Mood swings (Anxiety / Depression / Irritability)
Hot flushes / Night sweats
Sleep disturbances
Vaginal dryness
Sex drive / Libido concerns
Joint / Muscle aches
Headaches / Migraines
Low self-confidence / Feeling unlike yourself
Schedule a discovery call today and embark on your journey to rediscovering the vibrant you.

About Sadie Walters

Phlebotomy trained, Fully insured and licensed IV Vitamin Therapist & Aesthetic Practitioner. Background – Emergency & Critcal Care ICU RVN (Ncert E&CC)


Our recovery & hydration infusion helps to relieve the symtoms of a hangover that many suffer with post celebration or after the busy festivities. This infusion therapy proves popular surrounding big events as it helps the body to recover. IV Vitamin infusions restore hydration (essential fluid) & replace electrolytes alongside a vitamin boost. This can help combat the typical side effects of alcohol consumption or stress, targeting headaches, fatigue, nausea and dehydration. This can help the body to re-charge and re-energise.

About Billie Krstovic MCHP

Billie Krstovic MA MCHP Advanced Practitioner for Bush Flower Essences Women’s Wellbeing Practitioner Fascia Energy Connection (clearing, rebalancing) Energy clearing, balancing Grounding Techniques Meditation Teacher

Billie is a Vibrational Medicine practitioner, Author, Meditation teacher and an Astrologer. She has 40 years of practising, travelling and researching into: Meditation, Plant medicine, Yoga, Vibrational medicine, Ki-Aikido, Chi Kung, Astrology and Religion and spirituality (Masters Degree). Billie holds a Rank of 1St DAN Black Belt in Ki-Aikido and she is fully trained 4th Level Andean Paco

About Meet Kush


Introducing Kush, your go-to skincare expert with a wealth of hands-on experience. His focus is on making skincare simple and delightful. Kush is deeply committed to the holistic approach, ensuring that his facials enhance your skin’s appearance and create an experience that perfectly balances relaxation and skin health improvement. Using a unique blend of science and specialised massage techniques, Kush tailors his approach to each individual, aiming for a complete skin transformation and improvement.

Get ready for a personalised skincare journey with Kush! It’s all about you and your skin health.

Service provided:
Signature Bespoke Facial – 60 mins £100 l 90 mins £140

Gentleman’s Facial – 60 mins £100 l 90 mins £140

Oxygen Immersion Treatment – 30 mins £60 I 60 mins £90


Face & Body
Anti Wrinkle Injections
Depressor muscle
Massetter Muscle
Pebble Chin
Pigmentation peels

Bunny Lines
Plastma Bands
Dermal Fillers
Lip Filler
Skin Booster

Cheek Filler
Jawline Filler
Chin Filler
None Surgical Face Lift
Skin Peel
Seventy Hyal

Lumi eyes
Double chin fat dissolving
Acne Peels
Jalutox Facial
Hip Dip Buttox Filler

Iv Infusion
Massage therapy
Laser hair removal
Power sculpting
Energy healing
Menopause clinic

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